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10 Things Women Runners Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

6.  Spending money on running-related gear, activities and travel.  Running is an experience that you can’t buy anywhere–that’s why we do it. Your priorities for how you live your life and what makes you happiest are your business. So there’s no need to make excuses or apologize for spending money on the fun and joy that running brings. We know that whatever we spend on it, what we get back is priceless.

7. Your workout clothes.  Nope, no need to apologize for the amount of workout clothes you have, the type of workout clothes you choose to wear (hello running skirts and dresses! hello toe-shoes!), how much you spend on them, or whether you “match.” This is your chosen happy gear, don’t let anyone bring you down for it and don’t apologize for it. We just smile and say  “Yeah, I feel good when I wear this.”

8. The amount of time you spend running. Whether you run a lot of miles, not a lot of miles, or anything in between, you’ve decided what’s right for you, so there’s no need to apologize for it. If you used to run a lot more than you do now, don’t feel shamed into thinking you should be running more. Our relationship with running is always there, but it usually ebbs and flows with the time of year, with the periods in our life and with our changing priorities.

9. Feeling the need to run.  It may sound odd, but we used to feel slightly ashamed saying we wanted to get a run in before we did anything else that day. Running itself has true physiological benefits and our bodies do really well when it receives them. So don’t let anyone shame you into thinking that running is a selfish pursuit. It’s simply a part of your health and wellness routine that you really, really like!

10. Putting race stickers or running stickers on your car, desk, filing cabinet, suitcase or anything else. It’s great to be happy and proud of yourself for sticking to your plan and running that race or just being a happy runner. Know that anyone who badmouths this is secretly wishing they had a similar thing in their life, so don’t apologize. Invite them to join you or the local beginning runners club.

(Many thanks to Womens Running for the inspiration of their original article and their #sorrynotsorry Twitter feed.)

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