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14 Great Reasons To Date A Runner

We Didn’t Have Space For All Of Them… ~

Anyone who runs for fun can tell you there probably 100 great reasons to date a runner.

But in case you’re unfamiliar with their general awesomeness, we highlighted just a few of the benefits of dating a runner.

Check out the top 14 reasons to date a runner.


  1. Know how to commit to something and follow through–not always a common skill these days.  If they show up for their running buddies, then they’ll show up for you. This kind of supportive reliability can’t be overrated.
  2. Will always be in good shape. A natural side-benefit to running is being much more fit than most non-runners.  Note: Runners usually have cute bums and nice legs, if you like that kind of thing. Yes, you do like that kind of thing.

  3. Have great cardio endurance for…pretty much anything. Frisky? Stamina is their middle name. Just not right after a long run.

  4. Are goal-oriented and self-motivated. To run every day, they’re forced to eat healthy enough, get enough sleep, manage their energy and make smart choices about their activities. You won’t be nagging your runner to act like an adult and make better choices.
  5. Don’t care if you dress up or wear makeup. They are used to seeing people au naturel and liking people who are sweaty,  stinky and sometimes cranky.  Which is great for you and also excellent training for them to be a parent.

  6. Are more mentally sharp than non-runners. Running grows new brain cells, increases circulation, boosts memory and helps you learn better. Do you want to date someone smart or not-as-smart?  We thought so.
  7. Are more self-confident. An interesting study shows that runners who run outside with a good view of nature have higher self-esteem after their workout. Which makes them much more fun to be around.

  8. Are happier and less-stressed. The act of running reduces anxiety three times more than resting, according to researchers. Runners release endorphins to flood their brains with stress-relieving hormones. If they’re less stressed, they’re more present in the relationship, which is way more awesome.
  9. Like to take trips to fun places and eat whatever they want. This means they’ll want you to go to fun places with them and eat whatever you want. Sah-weet!
  10. Tend to be more mentally relaxed and self-aware,  since running allows plenty of time to slowly digest problems and think over solutions.  So they are usually more laid-back and thoughtful; just don’t mistake that for being boring. Trust us, it’s not boring.

  11. See themselves as someone in control of their own lives and not a victim. That’s because every time a runner decides to get up and go for a run, they know that they are the person responsible for that decision and no one else. So they tend to see their life through this lense of being the person in charge of what’s happening to them. This means less drama — yay!
  12. Simply have more energy. Running makes you healthier, stronger and naturally able to handle more daily activities with less effort. A partner with extra energy is a good thing!
  13. Runners know how to persevere through tough situations. Their training teaches them to work through the hard moments to reach the outcome they want. They’re often the adult in the room able to remain level-headed and calm.

  14. Runners live longer! You’ll have more years of fun and togetherness. Yahoo!

(Many thanks to and Runner’s World for their original articles and to for the image.)

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