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5 Mistakes Morning Runners Make

Runners, Don’t Get Trapped In Bed ~

Did you run this morning? If not, and you wanted to, you’re definitely not alone.

Even the most devoted runner has those mornings where the bed is just too comfortable, your shoes are in the car or somewhere else for some reason, it’s just a little too hot (or cold or sunshiney) and, well, you’ll think of another good reason soon for not getting your miles in.

Most runners make the same 5 common mistakes that lead to slacking off from a morning run. You might be able to get away with one of these mistakes to get out the door, but when we make more than one of them, it gets easier and easier to skip our run.

Check out the easy fixes for each so you can get your run in and feel awake, relaxed and energized.

Mistake #1:  Not getting enough sleep. We’re tackling the hardest one first. Face it–if you’re not getting 7+ hours, you’re gonna feel like crud and not want to run. Pretty simple. Besides being too tired to run, getting too little sleep disrupts your hormones from their proper function and leads to storing more fat.

Fix: Suck it up buttercup and get your sleep–you’ll be more fit and happier. Give it to yourself.

Mistake #2: Not having your clothes, shoes, gear easily accessible in the morning. Is your stuff in the dryer or the garage or some other place you consider too far to go get as you’re laying half-awake?

Fix: Act like a 4th-grader and set out your clothes the night before–it’s just so much easier when you see your gear staring you in the face in the morning.

Mistake #3: You have a hard time being accountable for getting yourself out of bed. This happens to the best of us sometimes.

Fix #1: The most fun way to deal with this is to get a running buddy or run with a group. If you don’t have one, check in with your local running store about running groups in the area and post a note on a physical or digital bulletin board with your goal distance and approximate pace. Be sure to meet your new budd(ies) in a busy place the first few times until you feel comfortable and safe with them. You’ll be out of bed in the mornings since you don’t want to let down a buddy and screw up their workout too.

Fix #2: The other option is to instruct your significant other to affectionately motivate you with your choice of phrases if you fail to get out of bed, like: “Your half-marathon is getting harder the longer you lay in bed!” or “No cup of coffee will wake you up like a good run will!” You’ll hate them for it, but it usually works.

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