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5 Mistakes Morning Runners Make

Do You Have A Hard Time Throwing Back The Covers?

Mistake #4: You’re not motivated enough.  If your regular running routine doesn’t excite you like it used to, it’s a sign that you need to remember why you’re doing it or that you need a new goal. When you choose a bigger goal, like a 10K, half-marathon, triathlon or something more, you know how your daily run fits into your overall training plan. So you know its importance as baseline mileage, tempo training, long miles or intervals.

Fix: Keeping in mind WHY you’re doing what you’re doing reminds you of the importance of each workout to getting you comfortably toward your goal.

Mistake #5: Running on empty — not eating or drinking anything before your run.

Fix: First of all, drink a glass of water (with half a lemon’s worth of juice if you can) when you get up, if you’re not doing that yet. Hydration is important after 8 hours of sleep–it wakes up the brain and body. Also, it’s been shown that what’s best for your body’s metabolism is to eat something within an hour of waking up. Probably half of all runners run better having eaten a bit of something before their run: half of a banana, half a piece of toast with peanut butter, etc. You’ll have your recovery breakfast when you get home.

Bonus Fix 1: It may seem like common sense, but go easy on yourself when you start your run–warm up by allowing yourself to walk or slowly jog for 5 minutes to transition your body to “fully awake.”

Bonus Fix 2: Be sure to give yourself the luxury of a few minutes of stretching when you get home  It just feels so good and works out any kinks so you face the day feeling relaxed and energized.

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