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5 Pre-Run Warm-Up Moves To Shake Off Muscle Ache

Ease Into Your Run With Dynamic Warm-Ups ~

Our muscles can feel achy or stiff for different reasons: training hard, not training enough, not stretching enough, sitting too long, etc.

Dynamic warm-ups like the ones here are the best way to break though the achiness before you get started on your run or workout.

Why Bother To Warm Up?

Dynamic warmups increase blood flow to muscles so your body can naturally ease into a workout and your risk of injury is reduced. They’ll help improve your performace with a better range of motion and mobility.

These warmups are meant to be done right before you run, but you could also do a super easy 3-5 minute jog before you do these warmups.

As You Start: 

The 5 warm-up moves here are meant to help your running form, so remember to stay more on the balls of your feet as you do these exercises. Stay aligned over your hips and keep your chin level while breathing easy.

1.  Lunge and Rotate ~
Step forward into a lunge, then rotate your torso toward the forward leg. Return to the start position. Complete three lunges and repeat on the opposite side.

2.  Forward Leg Swings ~
With the wall or fence at your right side, swing your right leg forward and back 10 to 20 times and repeat on the other side.

3.  High Knees ~
Exaggerate your running form by driving your knees up to about hip height. Start by doing high knees in place for 10 seconds, then move forward for 20 to 40 yards. Make sure your feet are landing directly underneath your hips.

4. Side Shuffle ~
Lower into a shallow squat, keeping your chest lifted. Move your right foot to the side and then bring your left foot to join it as you “shuffle” along for 20 to 40 yards. Switch sides and go the same distance.

5. Butt Kicks ~
Run while lifting your heels toward your butt. Start in place for 10 seconds and then move forward 20 to 40 yards. Focus on your feet landing underneath your hips.

(Many thanks to Women’s Running for their original article on warmups and to for the image.)

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