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5 Tips To Make Your Long Run Easier

Easy, Peasy: 5 Tips For A Happier Long Run ~

We’ll admit it: sometimes the long runs we need to do to reach our running goals feel like, well, kind of a chore. A drag. Drudgery.

How can you make your long run easier and more palatable when you feel this way?

Here are 5 tips from those of us who’ve been there, suffered that:

1. Reduce stress in some other areas of your life.

When the long run feels like something you really don’t want to be doing, then it’s likely there are some other stressful areas of your life bleeding over into your running.

Take action to reduce that stress–get support, delegate things, let others know you need to step back from or reduce some obligations until you complete your race or meet your goal.

Your running goals are just as important as your other goals in life, so don’t shortchange them and don’t apologize for them. Support your own goals as you’d support your friends’ goals.

Often, just reducing pressure in one area of your life will make your running activities much more inviting and exciting and you’ll be happy to relax into your long run again.

2. Check your form.

Are you working too hard? Over the distance of a long run, even a slightly incorrect form can cause you to expend a lot of wasted energy. Relax the shoulders, let your feet fall under hips (not out in front of you) and don’t lean forward. Check out this short video on how to correct and adjust the 5 most common running mistakes. Or you may need quick relief from chronic neck pain or back pain with some great simple stretches. 

3. Pump up the fun factor.

Inject whatever fun you can into your run: put on your favorite music; run in your favorite neighborhood or environment; get your friends to pace you and then meet for breakfast afterward; promise yourself something awesome when you get your run done; or all of the above. You know how to make it fun, so set it up and then decide to enjoy the heck out of it.

4. Adjust tactics if you feel tired or uncertain about your ability to complete the run.

If you feel uncertain about pace or distance, adjust your run tactics. Adjust your pacing to something comfortable that you know you can do. If you’re concerned about the distance, allow yourself to run/walk at comfortable intervals so you know you can get the distance completed. Sometimes what you’re learning on these long runs is how to get things done no matter what your obstacle.

5. Git ‘er done.

If you aren’t looking forward to the run, just do it as early in the day as comfortable for you. Don’t dwell on the fact that you aren’t looking forward to it, just have a good laugh with yourself as you pull on your clothes and say “Self, we’re going for a long run.”

If all else fails, just notice and appreciate that you’re a tough, persistent runner who is getting it done, no matter what!

(Thanks to PopSugar Fitness for its original article and inspiration.)

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