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80-Year-Old Woman Sets Distance Running Record

Her Times Have Only Gotten Faster ~

Although she started running at age 72, Anne Garrett is still getting faster and improving her race times at age 80.

She proved this recently by setting an unofficial national half marathon record in the women’s 80 to 84 age division with a time of 2:13:23, at the Surf City USA Marathon and Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, California.

Anne, of Oceanside, California, wasn’t even aware of her time until after the race:

“I didn’t even know my time until I ran over the finish line,” says Garrett who recently celebrated her 81st birthday yesterday. “I had a new Garmin and I wasn’t too sure how to use it properly. I must’ve accidentally hit a wrong button, but it was a lovely surprise.”

Anne started setting half marathon records last october when she set a national age-group half marathon record of 2:14:58 in Portland, Maine. It was also her personal best.

The Speed Just Keeps On Coming

As reports:

What’s even more impressive about Garrett’s half marathon times is that they keep getting faster—an unusual trend for runners her age. “The year before I did a half marathon in Santa Rosa with my grandson, and I did a 2:15 there. I went from 2:15 to 2:14 to 2:13. So maybe if I do another one next year, I’ll manage 2:12,” says Garrett.

Anne had been a regular race-walker and race-walked her first marathon at the age of 64, with a time of 5 hours, 19 minutes.

When she was 72, she was at the Pacific Shoreline Half Marathon, intending to race-walk while her daughter ran. However, Anne just started running the race, ran the whole way through and won her age division that day.

It seems she hasn’t looked back since and things have just gotten better and better.  Distance running is her sport.

Says Anne:

“It pays off to be an old runner, but a fast runner,” she says. “As I get older, though, I’ll be more selective about my races, and who knows where I’ll go next!”

(Many thank to for the original article: Anne Garrett Breaks National Record In Half Marathon  and to Marathonfoto for the image.) 

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