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Determined 570-Pound Man Surpasses Running Goals

Overcoming Failure, He Runs 13 5Ks and A 10K In 6 Months ~

Five years ago Derek Mitchell was diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumor that stops his body from producing testosterone.

Because of the lack of testosterone, doctors told him to expect his weight to increase. Last year when he weighed in at 625 pounds, he decided it was time to turn things around.

Last year he tried to run a race, but had to drop out.

So on January 1 of this year,  he decided he would cut out soda, eat healthier and go for a daily walk, starting with a mile.  Eventually, his sister, a marathon runner, suggested he give the 5K another shot.

Derek was willing. The only catch is that he still weighed 570 pounds at the time.

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Derek and flag team Derek at Haulin Balls