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(Graphic) 7 Fab Kick-In-The-Pants Running Quotes ~

Dust Off Your Big Girl Hat And Get Ready To Ride ~

Doubts creeping in about that race you’re signed up for?

Confidence starting to sag that you can actually pull it off?

Anxiety lurking around your daily runs, quietly whispering “What were you thinking?”

Fear whistling in your ear that “You can’t do that.”?

Then it’s time to lasso that bad attitude and hogtie it once and for all!

Check out the running quotes below and soak in all the common sense, you-can-do-it-go-get-it-ness of the kick-in-the-pants wisdom gathered just for you.

And, hey, if you don’t have a race or doubts or anxiety or fear …then just enjoy the ride.



Thought About Stopping, Then Ran Harder.



I know every mile will be worth my while.

I can go the distance.




it’s fine. i ran today.




You Are Tougher

Than You Think You Are

And Can

Do More

Than You Think

You Can.




you gotta dig a little deeper.

find out who you are.




When exhaustion gets tired,

When agony doubles over in pain,

When defeat waves a white flag,

I will still be out here.




Success in life comes

when you simply

refuse to give up,

with goals so strong

that obstacles, failure and loss

only act as motivation.

* * * * *

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