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New Website Finds Cheap Running Shoes Online

Find Your Favorite Running Shoes – Lightning Fast And Discounted ~

The new website is a simple, fun-looking website that finds cheap running shoes at lightning speed.

When we searched on it this morning, we noticed that it quickly located what we were looking for. While it doesn’t have all the brands and models, it can find over 10,000 shoe models.

ShoeKicker has a searchable database that includes 14 shoe brands and 17 retailers. You type in your current pair of shoes and the site will show which retailer has the best price and then link you to the store’s website so you can buy the shoes. When you know what shoe you need, it takes only a few seconds.

Pitched as the “Orbitz” of running shoes, the site trawls the web to find the cheapest pair based on brand, model, and size.
The idea came to 25-year-old founder, Imran Khoja, while on a run in waning Mizuno Wave Inspires. He needed a new pair but couldn’t find a store in the area with the model in his size.

“I was getting desperate. I thought, this has to be a tech problem,” Khoja told Runner’s World Newswire. “These shoes have to exist somewhere on the Internet. What if there was a superfast way to scour the web to find them?”

So he and his friends built the website over the summer to do just that.

While some retailers aren’t too happy about it, ShoeKicker has been reaching out to work together so that shoe buyers can get exactly what they need, whether it’s in a bricks and mortar location or an online warehouse.

“Our job is to connect a runner to the best inventory, and if it happens that a specific model only exists in a specialty running store, we would love to point that runner to the local store,” Khoja said.

“I was the first customer on the site,” he said. Khoja, who is headed to Stanford’s business school this fall, spent the summer with his colleagues planning, designing, and coding—all to find the elusive Mizuno Wave Inspires in his size. When the site became functional, it took him all of five seconds to do it.

And they were $20 off with free shipping.

(Many thanks to Runners World for the original story and to for the photo.)

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