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No, Running Doesn’t Hurt Your Knees

Running Actually Strengthens Your Knees

Any runner with knee trouble will usually hear this from non-runners: “I guess all that running tears up your knees, huh?”

And we’ve all wondered for years: Does running hurt your knees?

Turns out there’s more evidence coming in that people who run actually have healthier knees –less arthritis– than people who don’t run.

A study conducted by Baylor College of Medicine last November examined 2,439 everyday people (not just “runners”) and asked them how much they had run at various stages of their lives.

About 28% of the people had run at some point in their lives, whether younger, older or all throughout their lives.

Regular Runs = Healthier Knees ~

The surprising results strongly showed a link between runners and healthier knees:

Runners were 16-29% less likely to develop arthritis in their knees than those who had never run.

When the study took into account that runners tend to weigh less than non-runners, and adjusted the study for that, even then it showed that running was a factor in having healthier knees.

What does cause most knee problems in athletes? A similar study from Baylor last year found that it’s twisting or other sudden injuries to the knee that bring on arthritis most quickly.

So enjoy every run, knowing that it is likely delaying any arthritis and protecting you from future knee trouble!

Many thanks to Runner’s World for their original article on the topic.

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