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(Running Quote) If The Hill Has A Name…

(Running Quote) “Badass Butte” – Here I Come ~

You’re running your race, going along at what you think is a good pace that you can sustain and then — wham! — a huge, steep grade looms ahead of you…a hill that you didn’t know was there.

Your heart sinks and your stomach grabs-dang!-I was doing so well and now this.

But, runners run and hills are gonna be there.

We actually like it when hills have names, like Heartbreak Hill at The Boston Marathon. That way we can tackle them with the respect they deserve as an adversary. If it was some nameless hill that took us down, we might feel bad.

But when it’s Badass Butte that stands in our way, we somehow muster up the guts and energy and focus to face it head on, adjust our pacing and conquer that sucker.

Check out this running quote by Coach Marty Stern.


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