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(Short Film) Anyone Can Be A Runner – First, Last, Slow Or Fast

How You Do It Doesn’t Matter – Just That You Do It ~

When you begin something new, a part of you always wonders how it will turn out. It’s the same in running a race, especially a marathon.

This short video from Nike perfectly captures the common experience of a runner running her first marathon.

You can feel the effort, the grind, the doubts– even the fear of being the last person in the race.

As our runner runs her first marathon through the streets of San Francisco, she is getting passed by other runners.

Her breathing is heavy and eventually she finds that she is probably in last place.

A voice inside her head wonders if she can finish, if she is really a runner.

And then..

Well, see for yourself…

Enjoy, and share this with friends you know can appreciate it!

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