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(Short Video) “Catwoman” Claw Device To Protect Runners?

See How It Attacks And Collects DNA Sample ~

If you’re a runner, you’ve probably had that uncomfortable experience of not feeling totally safe on at least one of your runs.

A new handheld safety device is on the market intended to alleviate that experience. It’s called TigerLady, named for the sharp claws that extend out with a squeeze of your hand.

You wrap the strap around your wrist and carry the TigerLady in your palm while you run.  If someone is threatening or attacking, you squeeze the device and the cat-like claws extend out so you can scratch, attack back and defend in order to get away to safety. 

The claws also contain grooves on them which will capture skin or other DNA from an assailant, making it possible to retain evidence to identify and confirm the attacker. According to the company’s press release, “you don’t need to see him to ID him.”

The manufacturer states that the TigerLady is modeled after a cat’s retractable claws, and highlights the most primal of protective movements: scratching. It is lightweight, weighing less than than 2 ounces, and small enough to fit in a pocket.

It is designed to be a non-lethal defense device, so no training is needed.

“We want women to feel safe and in control in every situation,” says Co-founder Jeff Levine. “Holding this device will help a woman feel confident and more aware of her surroundings.”

Co-founder Evan Levine says the TigerLady provides women with a way to fight back against attackers who might underestimate their abilities and the ferocity with which they’ll defend themselves.

The product is made in the US and sells for around $36. A portion of every sale is donated to organizations that support non-violence against women.

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