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(Short Video) Easy Fix For 5 Common Mistakes In Running Form

Easy Adjustments Can Fix 5 Common Mistakes In Running Form ~

Runners of all experience levels tend to make the same common mistakes when it comes to running form.

Often we aren’t aware that we can easily adjust our form to to run more easily and efficiently, with less effort.

Even though running is a simple sport, experts continue to intensely study the bio-mechanics of it to give us better information on how our running affects us physically.

The short video below is excellent advice and instruction from Dr. Daniel Lieberman, a top expert in the optimal bio-mechanics of running. Here, Dr. Lieberman discusses good form for all types of runners.

Dr. Lieberman discusses:

  • whether or not runners should be leaning forward when they run,
  • how long your stride should be,
  • where your foot should land so your body doesn’t absorb too much force from the impact,
  • what you should listen for when your foot lands and how to adjust it, and
  • how to transition to a more efficient running form.

Even experienced runners of many years or decades are still learning and integrating a few of the inside tips that Dr. Lieberman has to offer, for example:

“Mistake #2 – Landing on your heels.”  When you start landing on your mid-foot instead of your heels, not only can it make you a faster runner, but it can clear up or protect against hamstring strain and injury that can come from the pounding caused by landing on your heels.

Note: If you find you’re making Mistake #4 – “foot-thumping”- you may want to try these fixes:

  • shortening your stride, and/or
  • relaxing your whole body more, and/or
  • slowing your pace a little.

Try those until you no longer hear the thumping.

We can’t recommend this expert video enough. Check it out and start to run better today with just a few tweaks.

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