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(Short Video) Easy Neck Pain Relief

Simple Stretch Releases Neck Muscles ~

We have to admit we get a lot of neck strain from sitting much of the day at the computer.  (The coach in the video below hilariously demonstrates what we actually look like at the computer~lol!)

This simple and quick exercise for releasing neck muscles is right-on and can release much if not all of your neck strain with just a few rounds of it. We’ve been doing it once or twice a day and it’s actually working great.

Some neck pain is due to poor posture from core muscles that are too weak. You can check out Power Up Your Core and 10 Simple Quick Ab Exercises for a few new ways to strengthen your core and naturally support your neck.

For quick relief of chronic upper back strain and pain, check out this short video how-to:  60-Second Back Pain Fixes.  We also love the simple stretches in Get Flexible In 5 Minutes.

Thanks to Prevention Magazine for the excellent tutorial.