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(Short Video) Runner Loses Bronze Medal By Celebrating Win Too Early

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over… ~

It’s painful to watch as the bronze medal slips away from Molly Huddle’s grasp at the 2015 Beijing World Championship meet.

As Molly neared the finish line of the 10,000 meter race, she thought she was comfortably in third place, and raises her arms and appears to slightly slow as she nears the tape.

Unfortunately, Molly was unaware that her American teammate, Emily Infeld, was pouring on her kick from behind to overtake Molly.

Just as Molly raises her arms to celebrate, Emily’s momentum drives her forward and she leans hard through the tape, just passing Molly at the finish line to take third place and the bronze medal.

Molly is understandably upset with herself and can’t believe she let up at the tape to lose the bronze medal she had worked so hard for.

Emily felt terrible for her teammate, but had worked through debilitating injury to be a contender at the race.

Elite runners train for years to be able to win a medal at these championships, so letting it slip away by not driving through the finish is a painful lesson for anyone.

(Many thanks to Universal Sports Network for the use of their video and USA Today for the image.

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