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(Short Video) Trail Running 101-Avoiding Mistakes

Top Expert’s Tips For Your Best Trail Run ~

If you haven’t been trail-running yet–get out there!

But first, it’s good to get a quick primer on the basics of the sport to avoid injury and enjoy it more. Obviously different from road running, there are a few things worth knowing about stride, speed and the terrain.

Scott Jurek, a top trail runner and multiple winner of the Western States 100-mile race, gives you the low-down here on the basic how-tos of trail running.

For more advice from Scott on uphill, downhill and flat trail running, as well as the best stride rate and stride length, check out this short video with more tips: How To: Trail Run Uphills, Downhills, Flats

Trail running requires more core-body strength. Learn some key moves to Power Up Your Core or add a few ab exercises from 10 Simple Quick Ab Exercises.

Many thanks to Runner’s World for this clip.