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Teenage Runner Blazes Toward Olympic Marathon Success

Runner Makes Olympic Dream Her Reality ~

Alana Hadley is a girl with a vision, a teenager on the verge of living her dream life as a professional marathoner.

At just 16 years old in 2013, Alana ran a very fast race at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, where she almost qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon. Her 2:41:56 was good enough for fourth-place that day.

In 2014, she returned to the same race and not only won, but broke the course record with a new PR—2:38:34—that placed her in the top-50 marathoners in the country.

Oh, and yes, she qualified for the Olympic Trials.

Alana will get a chance to really show her stuff when she runs with many of the best marathoners in the world at the New York City Marathon in a few weeks.

It’s in New York where the elite runners are spotlighted on their way to the Olympic Trials. Alana is excited and ready to roll in NYC.

Choosing Her Dream Life Deliberately

Alana grew up with the sport, since her parents are both runners who used to train with her–until she got too fast for them.

She started running road races when she was little and began winning some of the 5K overall races for women.

“I wanted to keep going for longer races—I enjoyed the longer stuff. I tried different distances to find out what I enjoy doing, and I thought, I might be able to make a career out of that. I decided that I wanted to be able to make this my profession and be a professional marathon runner.”

With her talent, vision and determination, she’s likely to be a fully-sponsored marathon runner before her 20th birthday.

Her Best Advice For All Runners

A runner for 12 years, Alana has great advice for runners at any level:

“Be consistent, consistency is definitely a very big key. Recovery: make sure you’re getting enough fluids and foods and taking care of your legs. Sometimes people forget about those ice baths or Epsom salt baths, so make sure your legs are recovered. And be confident in your training; know that you can do this.”

Good luck to Alana, we’ll be watching in New York!
(Thanks to WRM for its contributions to this article and to alana-growingupfast for the image.)


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