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The Truly Secret Benefits Of Running

Benefits Of Running: What We Really Get From It ~

Let’s face it, running is about more than the movement, the muscles, the medal, the sweat and the shower.

It’s about some internal, deeply satisfying process that happens before the run (when we make the final decision to run that day), during the run (the persistence to keep going or the pleasant flow we find ourselves in) and after the run (how we feel better about life after we’ve finished).

Sure, we sometimes think we’re just getting out there to mindlessly stretch our legs for a few miles, to exercise our animal-self and then put it back in the barn.

And yes, all kinds of great things happen to us physically when we run.

Our Affinity, Affection, Addiction To Running

But for most of us who look at our relationship with running, even just a little bit, running is about an affinity, an affection or an addiction to the internal positive feelings we get when we run.

It’s good sh…stuff.

We sometimes don’t notice or appreciate that affection for or need to run until we’re trapped for some reason and unable to get out the door.

It’s not until then that the full benefits of running become very clear.

Dawana, a woman who suffers from depression and anxiety, recently described with radical honesty how she was sidelined by a concussion that wouldn’t allow her to run or exercise:

“Running, among other things, helps to keep my symptoms under control.

I run for my sanity. I run because I’m trying to run away from my diagnoses—from the labels that sometimes stifle me. Part of me feels like if I keep running, I’ll be cured. But I know that’s not the case. I run to quiet my mind, to silence the self-deprecating thoughts that at times cripple me. I run because running makes me feel strong, and feeling strong makes me feel confident.”

Sure, some people will say that a run is just a run.

But for most of us, sometimes it’s good to just stop, feel and appreciate the hidden benefits we get from the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other.

There may be more to it than we think.

“Why do you run?”

(Many thanks to Runners World for its original article.)

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