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They Built A Running Track HERE?

You Won’t Guess Where This Is… ~

We couldn’t figure it out. But it turns out to be a really creative idea.

To celebrate Tokyo’s hosting of the 2020 Summer Olympics, Terminal 3 at that city’s Narita International Airport was redesigned with a cool track and field theme to help travelers find their way around the terminal.

The paths throughout the terminal now resemble running tracks. Blue lanes lead to departures, while red lanes signal the way to arrivals. In place of lane numbers, the track is printed with symbols representing the direction to baggage claim and transportation.

Even though there is no actual track, it’s a fun way to direct traffic in the terminal and certainly inspires us runners to hit the treadmill when we get to the hotel, or take a few loops around the terminal before our flight.

Many thanks to Women’s Running for their original article.

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