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Top 10 Signs You Have The Marathon Taper Crazies

Do You Have Marathon Taper Madness? You’re Not Alone! ~

Tapering for a marathon can be anxiety-producing, stressful, fun or relaxing.

But usually it’s “all of the above.”

If you find yourself in marathon taper mode for the very first time and wonder if your thoughts and feelings are normal – the answer is yes.

And if you’re already familiar with the rollercoaster ride we call the taper, then welcome back.

Check out the top 10 signs and symptoms of taper madness and have a good laugh.

The great thing about tapering is that relaxing now will help you race better in a couple weeks!

1. Stop! Taper Time!




2. My taper? YES! It’s going GREAT!



3. Trying to embrace taper week is like feeding a kid candy then telling him to sit still… it ain’t easy!



4. That’s it!! I need to run!



5. I don’t know who you are but I’m going to pass you at Mile 26 and feel awesome about it.



6. One does not simply taper and not grumble about it on facebook.



Check out the special celebrity messages regarding your taper on the next page! We like #8.


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