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Turn Off The Runner’s Self-Judgment

Reconnect To The Joy Of Running ~

Runners are human and like other humans, we can’t help but compare ourselves to others in our tribe.

So in our tribe of runners, we notice when we run slower or faster than others. And for some reason, most of us seem to get stuck on the idea that we’re slower or less competent than others.

When someone compliments us on how well we did in a race or a workout, we almost always brush it off with “Oh, I just got lucky today” or “I don’t know how I did that” or something similarly self-deprecating.

And then, often, the very next thing out of our mouths is some comment revealing our most recent “slow” race time or “failed” tempo run, trying to prove to others that we are truly as slow and unimpressive as we secretly think we are.

Of course, even “fast” runners and elite runners have doubts and talk negatively about their abilities. Because unless you’re world class, there’s always someone faster than you.

What’s The Problem?

The problem is, this constant, half-conscious, self-degrading nitpicking can really get in the way of the whole point of running: to experience the joy, fun, freedom and self-growth that it brings when you do it.

So, how do we minimize this drain on our fun and positive energy?

You could try to ponder all the sociological explanations about why we keep focusing on whether we are slower or less competent than others. That doesn’t really get us anywhere, though.

Or, we could just use something called the “Stop-It Technique.”

What is the “Stop-It Technique?”