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(Video) Ache-Relieving Stretches: Post-Run Yoga For Runners Moves

Enjoy Easy, Relaxing Guided Session Of Yoga-For-Runners Stretches

About this time of year, we tend to think that running with aches and pains is normal. Unfortunately, it’s not.

We should be running pain-free. Let’s be honest: All of us runners really need a serious, deep stretch every day.

Running is a demanding sport and most runners are fairly stiff due to a lack of stretching. We tend to just enjoy the runs and stretch only when our body is yelling at us.

But stretching is absolutely crucial to fully healing the body from the minor damage that running causes to the muscles and tendons, which occurs as we build muscle and become stronger.

Running takes its toll not only on our legs, but on the rest of our body, which we can spot treat with simple back stretches for pain and quick neck stretches. Or with a simple, 5-minute routine for all-over flexibility. 

But stretching immediately after a hard run or during a demanding training season is a must-do if you want to maintain your success as a runner and keep moving pain-free.

While a lot of us runners may take yoga classes, and really appreciate all of its benefits, we don’t really incorporate it into our daily running routine.

That’s why the short, guided yoga-for-runners videos below are so awesome.

They demonstrate how to do specific, simple yoga stretches for runners, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced yoga fan.

Yoga Video 1: For New-To-Yoga Runners Or Really Stiff Runners

We liked this simple, straightforward instruction since all runners can do these moves. You don’t need to know yoga to do these stretches.

If you’re a yoga newbie, this excellent video from Ekhart Yoga is for you.

Just start the video, follow the sequence and enjoy!

* * * * *

Video 2- For Less-Stiff Runners Or For An Even Deeper Stretch

We included this video below because not only is it an excellent yoga for runners stretch session, we relaxed just by watching it!

We really loved the simple and elegant yoga sequence by teacher Malia Hilliard.

When copying her stretching moves, just make you do every stretch on both sides to balance the body.

If you’re new to yoga, the is a great example of the beauty of yoga movement.

Click on the video to watch and follow along. It’s an awesome, deep relaxing stretch for the whole body.

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