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(Video) Fun Heckling Of Runners Goes Viral

“What’re Y’all Runnin’ From!?”

Runners getting heckled is nothing new.

But imagine a peaceful summer morning race turning into a scenario of your worst fears.

Runners at the Franklin Half-Marathon in Franklin, Tennessee may have wondered if this was happening to them as they ran through Leiper’s Fork.

As they paced along, they heard a banjo strain–the song from the devilishly scary movie “Deliverance.”

Then they encountered a group of men half-clad in overalls and at least one coonskin cap, who appeared to be drinking moonshine on the side of the road in the back of an old, beat-up pickup truck.

As the runners loped by, you could hear the sound of a pig squealing in the background over the dueling banjo music.

And the boisterous men were loudly heckling the runners as they went by:

“What’re y’all running from?!”

“I like them tight shorts,” they said to one man. “What’s your hurry?”

“Slow down young man, come talk to us!”

They even ran alongside one man and appeared to pick him up as he yelled, before getting back in the race. (At 4:20 in the video at the bottom of the page.)

Of course, the runners soon realized it was all tongue-in-cheek fun meant to entertain them.

Red Duck Cantrell and a few of his buddies thought it would be fun for the runners and themselves to parody the 1972 film and a few of its scary moments.


April Cantrell, Red Duck’s wife, caught some of the action in the short video here that’s now been seen nearly a million times around the world.

She said that she and her friends were happy to provide a little bit of “local, different flavor” to the race course.

“In Leiper’s Fork, we’ve kind of become known to do quirky things,” she said. “We prefer to entertain ourselves as much as we do others.”

She said that at first, they got some funny looks.

“The first runners came through and they were looking at us like, ‘We’re not sure about you, but the music seems pretty good,’ and as the race went on, the runners stopped and took pictures,” Cantrell told The Tennessean.

Things get particularly fun at 1:35, 2:35 and especially at 4:20.

The video is a fun 5 minute coffee break with some good laughs.

Thanks to April Cantrell, and The Tennesean for use of the images.