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(Video) Fun Run – 1 Mile Straight Up The Manitou Incline

Can You Conquer The Crazy-Steep Manitou Incline?

Colorado’s Manitou Incline is absolutely one of the toughest trails in the world, rising 2,090 vertical feet in only .88 of a mile.

With a 68% grade of steepness in some places, the trail is pretty much straight up.

Runners come from everywhere to test their legs –and their hearts– as they gasp and burn up the newly rebuilt trail.

How Fast Can You Go?

The fastest known time so far is held by mountain running star Matt Carpenter at 18:31 while Ali McLaughlin holds the women’s fastest time at 20:07.

The incline, located at the base of Pikes Peak, became popular when the rail tracks that used to be there fell away in a 1990 rock slide.

One local runner who runs the incline daily recently broke the record for most climbs of the incline in one year: 1,101. That’s more than 3 trips up–and down– per day.

Check out the awesome time lapse video below that takes you on the short but steep, straight-up incline from the back of a runner.

Our legs are burning just watching it.

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