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Would You Run Tampon-Free?

Marathoner Races Free-Flowing To Make A Point ~

Kirin Ghandi was nervous and uncertain as she faced down her first marathon. She didn’t realize it, but race day would be a game-changer in more ways than one.

Her nervousness might’ve seemed out of place, since she’s accomplished by any standard: She earned a Harvard MBA; she’s been a drummer touring with the band M.I.A.; she’s been a digital analyst for a music company; she was a TEDx speaker on the subject of living passionately; and currently, she’s a consultant for Spotify who is also pursuing her own solo music project called Madame Ghandi.

As she says on her website, her goal is to use her unique talents to help make a healthier world for women and girls.

She recently took a huge leap and boldly demonstrated her passion for furthering the liberation of women from the bigger and smaller chains of beliefs that bind them.

Ghandi ran her first marathon in April, which happened to occur on the first day of her period, free-flowing — that is, she didn’t use a tampon or pad, but allowed nature to take its course.

Yes, she bled through her tights as she ran. Yes, you could see what was happening.  Why did she do it?

kirin 2 in action